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By tradition, here you can find out what our customers usually pay money earned by the sweat of their brow for:

Company Style Design

Theoretically, this kind of work is a bit different from our usual one but:you know best.

Web Design

Building a site we do our best to make it the most convenient and effective for you.


The web-interfaces of interaction with any databases, statistical treatment of information, e-mail treatment, quest books, forums, advertising and exchange systems are made of high quality and in time to fulfill any client's Internet programming requirements. In the process of programming we use the latest achievements in this area.

Banner Creating and Advertising

This means of advertising on the Internet is proved of worth. A banner in a proper place and at proper time is as effective as whispering in your ear.
We've elaborated the effective up-to-date banner network TBS - TDG Banner System. We have vast experience in conducting purposeful banner advertising campaigns.

Web registration in catalogues and search engines

It's a good opportunity for you to make your site accessible to the largest possible audience. The process of the registration has a lot of pitfalls such as wrong "Keywords", badly composed site description, etc which bring the effect to nothing.
Our professional Web Designers will help you to avoid these mistakes.
Advertising in TV Conferences USENET and on notice boards. Thos method of advertising is effective enough. The news lists of TV Conferences have thematic systematization thus the information about your site will be put in the appropriate ones.

Domain Name registration

The simple and easy address of your resource is an essential part of its successful promotion. Our specialists will register your Web address on any domain (if it doesn't already exist).

Web Hosting on the Servers ISP TDG

Your site should be hosted on a reliable and efficient server so as its audience could download it easily. Being the largest Internet provider in Odessa and having a powerful and reliable connection TDG offers you its services for Web hosting.
We can make any kind of professional Web design and programming for you. We understand you have many choices for your. Web design and hosting and we-re grateful you've chosen us.

We offer you our possibilities.

We'll build an effective website for you.

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